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The mass debate! Fake or Real?

The mass debate! Fake or Real?

Its the biggest debate in life, since the big masturbate I had after I spent 4 weeks in hospital back in 2006, I had a catheter in for the most part of my stay. So as soon as I walked in the door of my house, I ran upstair, stuck RedTube on, and blew the fucking roof off!

BUT as i was saying, this big debate, its about boobs! Fake or Real? I was thinking about just putting a poll up with this, but I think the subject deserves more because no doubt you will want to say your part. So please, in the comments below, tell me what your prefer and also state you case and give me a good reason why!

I’ll Start- REAL, Because I love the natural look and sometimes fake boobs can look a little STUCK ON. Don’t get my wrong, there are loads of women who have had great jobs and i’m not against them at all, but for me, I love the natural look! They don’t have to be big! One girlfriend of mine once said ‘more than a handful is a waste’… but then again, she did have really horrible, small tits!

Please comment below and tell me your thoughts on Fake or Real breasts, and once you have done that, go back and play the ‘Fake or Real’ Silicon challenge game we posted earlier.

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    Nate Beck

    15 Apr 2015 at 11:02 pm

    Fake tits are just that.Fake!!!And although I have thought about extending myself I just can not do it because it is not natural.I am almost 55 yrs old now and have had my share of fun in the past and all were natural and have never even had the chance to turn a set of fake tits down as I do not get around like I used to in the day which is about twenty 25 yrs ago now. I finally settled down and tried live an average life but even when I was being mellow and not on the hunt they seemed to home in on me and my favorite bar became my worst nightmare due to some who only wanted to own me and would do the weirdest things to keep me around.
    Anyway I was around when the first set of silicone boobs were implanted and was also around when one or more of the bags they implanted busted and the recipient was flooded with saline solution in her cavities.I think she was lucky that she did not go to big because if enough of that saline solution would have entered her cavities her heart would have been surrounded and she would have died.Can you imagine going to bed and falling asleep only to wake a couple of hours later feeling you are totally dehydrated and your heart is struggling to beat a life preserving cadence that,struggling against the shit that has it almost locked up?It is not something I would have done back then in the beginning but now a days they seem to have the manufacture of saline implants and whatever else they are using now for breast augmentation.
    The thing that really gets me upset today is the amount of guys out there that put me to shame with their huge cocks and the old adage is that it is not the size but how you use it and this is bullshit too and probably made up by an insecure guy who had to numb himself in order to be able to last more than 5 minutes.I am not the guy who can last for 30 to 45 minutes at all as that seems like too much work and would rather have a woman who knew how to cum with me and had the experience to know how I am with only a few words spoken but most girls out there who know how to do this are either already taken or they are prostitutes and although I do not have anything against prostitution as it has made life easier to bear for some and even made it livable for others who would have committed suicide when they finally figured out that they did not have a chance with any girl at all,they were only too willing to give up 50 to 100 dollars to satisfy their needs.Prostitution is an evil that serves a purpose and has probably kept most sex crimes down through out the ages but then we come along with our high falutin’ ideas about right and wrong and imposed them thru the church and law enforcement and politicians who did not really care about what others do on there own time as far as sex goes and even understood how sexually repressed man can become a danger to society when denied his needs.They just ignored it due the church having far too much influence on the general public and using this power for their own welfare and to hell with the sick pervs that needed to be locked up in their eyes and were persecuted for their desires.Anal sex is still punishable in some very harsh way in countries like Turkey and other middle eastern countries as well.Anyway I seem to have gotten off the point of the main question that was asked a well done boob job does not really make me anymore enamored with a lady or a girl and I hold no prejudices against size or color or nationality as pussy is pussy is pussy to me and all I want is to have it at least once a day,in the morning when I get up or at night before bed or both in the ideal situation as I love the female anatomy so much that I can almost cum just from looking at someone that totally turns me on and if I do not concentrate then I am almost assured of the insert and squirt routine as I have never really practiced holding back and when it was time to cum I came and as hard as I could.My only saving grace is that I did not let the woman down and would spend a lot of time with my tongue between her legs and when she came then I would insert and and after a few in and outs I would cum too.Have always been this way since I lost my cherry at the age of 15 or maybe it was 16 I do not really remember the the year but I will never forget her walking toward me as I lay on the ground with her swim suit laying on the ground behind her and she took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it then with a fluid motion she straddled me and had me inside her and we both managed to cum at the same time she came almost as much as me as I had thick white woman juice running down my thighs and surrounding my balls and the base of my cock.Have never had that experience since and will never forget her for what she did for me that afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan and still get hard thinking about it now even though I am sure that she gained about hundred or more pounds and sits around watching soap operas all day now.Anyway I am still digressing from the original subject and have told you too much about me and my wants and desires already so to make along story a shorter one I will just say that I prefer my women, girls,and any other brand of of the female species(as long as they are human) to be au naturale’.

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    19 Feb 2012 at 3:25 am

    Thanks for share this useful post.

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    07 Oct 2011 at 11:02 am

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    03 Oct 2010 at 11:56 am

    its more than real or fake some woman are never have enough and some are happpy with what they got.
    It is all in how they are presented. I have been with girls with small tits and big ones all the girls were very very beautity-ful the little one just as much fun as the giant ones it is up to woman not us men. all i know that all tit are the best of the female package keep them ladies so all us can stair!!!!!!

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    02 Jul 2010 at 7:52 am

    mmmm like you tits verry cool

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    02 Jul 2010 at 4:01 am

    i like it..wahahaha

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    30 Jun 2010 at 8:12 pm

    for one night stand, fake is ok :) but if you going to marry the girl choose her with small natural tits so even when she gets older, they won’t hang down o.O

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    30 Jun 2010 at 7:53 pm

    who dont like big tits my girl iz real and natural

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    30 Jun 2010 at 7:17 pm

    I don’t care as long as they are BIG and FIRM!

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    30 Jun 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Yep, bio forever!

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    30 Jun 2010 at 6:16 pm

    I love bio-tits!

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