I like a girl who cleans up the CUM after!

I like a girl who cleans up the CUM after!

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The first part of this porn reminds me of the first ever video I watched. I was about 10, and my dad had brought me a ‘Commodore Amiga 500’ computer from my uncle. Well uncle Chris gave me all the floppy disks that he had, but some of them were unlabeled. So I stuck this one disk in, and after loading for 10 mins, there was a loop of a woman fucking a guy just like in the first part of this video! It was funny, because it lasted 2 seconds, but looped around forever! My brother grassed me up and I never saw it again, apparently my dad threw it away, but intelligence tell me that it’s still in his ‘top drawer’. Dirty Fucker.

This girl is from our ‘Finally Legal’ department and really does it for me, maybe its the long blonde hair that she has going on? Hot right?

The ‘cum shot’ is 1 min before the end, which for a 3 minute porn video sounds a bit early, but you get to watch her rub it in her tits for 60 seconds and clean up the mess! Beautiful!

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