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Peter North – The Cum Shot LEGEND!

A lot of people have been made famous by porn, usually this means they have broken into the mainstream, maybe moved into doing TV, films. In my mind Peter North is mainstream, because he has made porn look and feel mainstream!

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Peter North is famous for one thing, his massive cum shot, but there is so much more to Peter North than squirting gallons of hot spunk over thousands of girls. This is a man who realised this talents, but also realised that if he was going to make serious money from it he would have to build himself a business empire, and that’s what he’s done. Not only is he an actor, he directs and produces too.

Peter North is 53 now, that’s only a few years younger than my dad! But still he’s at it, really etching his name into the porn history books with the pure amount of videos he has made. BUT what is so special about his cum shot…?

Firstly, just check out our related videos in this post and you will see the amount of liquid in this mans load is just incredible! Secondly, his aim! He knows perfectly where to drop that white stuff, and that makes the whole scene. Finally, thirdly… He has a great talent at picking the right girls. Peter is like the Simon Cowell of porn! He has picked lesser know girls in the past, and made them the big stars they are today! Just look at the likes of Amy Reid, who would have thought that Reverse cow’ing and taking the load of one guy would make ya so famous.

Today we have something really special for you, an interview with the man himself, he goes in-depth about getting into the industry, Tera Patrick and how porn has change over the years and we find out what is next for Peter North!

Watch out for what he calls his load, it made me piss myself laughing- ‘fused nectar of my love juice’… ha ha ha ha…

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    28 Jul 2010 at 11:52 pm


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    21 Jul 2010 at 11:39 am

    My hero! Both in size and stamina! Go Peter!

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