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Sand, Sea, Sex… the top 18+ Holiday Destinations!

Summer is here and if you haven’t booked a holiday yet, I thought I would take a look at some 18+ adult holidays that you might want to get involved in. I’ve been looking for drink, sex, beaches and babes! Not in that order.


Ibiza on RedTube blog

I wrote a blog post about sex in Ibiza a few weeks back and I was trying to work out if it is as crazy as everyone makes out. It is!

It doesn’t matter if you are not a serious clubber, if you are looking for some sexy fun this island definitly has something for you. The babe count is HIGH. Put it this way, the island is stuffed with girls and boys that go there for a holiday flings, well not even that actually, some just go to see how many different people they can fuck in one holiday.  Drink is cheap, the girls are easy, and the clubs are open ALL day! A perfect adult destination, especially if you like naked foam parties… GOOGLE IT!

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas on RedTube blog

This one is obviously going to be on the list of 18+ holiday destinations, why the fuck would you want to bring your kids to such a den of gambling, alcohol and sex? But it’s perfect for you!

Gambling isn’t such a bad thing as long as you don’t go crazy, plus it gets you free drinks in a lot of casinos. It works like this, a sexy waitress will hover around you as you play the slots, the blackjack… bingo “Sir, can I get you a drink”…she trots off to fetch your booze, she comes back with it, you give her a little tip… and that’s it! Vegas see it like this; you are spending so much money on gambling, you are not going to be expected to pay for your drinks.  It depends how much you gamble, you might even get a free hotel room, its not uncommon. The babe count is high in Las Vegas, although it’s not as easy to lay them!

Hey, if you get bored of drinking and gambling, you can always hire a car and drive the 7 hours and 46 minutes to the Bunny Ranch… It sounds a long way, but you would drive further for these horny legal hookers!

Kavos, Corfu:

Booze Cruise on RedTube blog

It is a bit like Ibiza with all the clubs and nightlife, but lets concentrate on the famous 4 hours ‘Booze Cruises’ that all my friends tell me about. What happens when you put a bunch of young guys and girls on a boat and give them shit loads of booze? Well, I guess a few of them throw up over the sides, but a big percentage of them must get horny and screw each other? All the drink is included in the price of the ticket; you get shipped out to some beautiful islands near Corfu (perfect for fucking that woman you just spent two hours flirting with on the way out).

On the way back to port the captain stops off at another cove, then throws a couple of bottles of champagne into the sea and watches with a big fat smile on his face as you jump overboard to grab them. This is a fun, sexy and hot adult destination.

I’ll have more Adult destinations for you later this week, but in the meantime please comment and let me know what you think of these three!

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