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The best Red Light Districts worldwide!

It’s the summer so I guess a lot of you will be going away on your holidays, so I thought I would put together a bit of information for you if you are looking for some great places to get banged, laid, fucked… whatever you want to call it, Here is a list of the best Red Light Districts in the world.

Red Light District

I have only been to a few, so this research is mainly pulled together from what I have read online and what people have told me. So it would be really good if you could follow this post up with a comment of your own if you have any experience of these places.

10: Las Vegas – USA

Nevada is the only state in America where you can sell sex and not be arrested, it is tightly regulated thought. Girls have non-stop health checks and everything is a little on the serious side.

Not all these legal brothels are in Vegas, but you will find a few. The red light district is very much a place to watch girls but not touch. You will grab yourself a stripper for $20, but if you want more you maybe want to journey out to a place like the famous bunny ranch. You maybe even see a few people you recognise from RedTube!

The mood in Las Vegas is fun, the gambling is cool and if you can find it, I’m sure the sex is going to be worth the $300 it costs in a legal brothel.

9: Kings Cross, Australia

Not to be confused with the really shitty Kings Cross in London, but it is named after it. Just search for the big neon signs! They are everywhere. I must be dumb, I just never thought Australia had a red light district, there is not a great deal of sex on offer and its policed very well but you will find strip clubs, adultbook shops and topless waitress when you are eating.

The prostitutes are found on the street, and just tend to hover. This place looks great for fun, but for the serious business of fucking, its not anywhere near our top five.

8: Soi Cowboy – Thailand

Bangkok! So expect lady boys… even if you don’t ask for them, still expect them. Apparently they don’t always make it clear what they are until you go into the room! Bankok looks like a great place to go and have fun. It works like this, you sit in a bar and lots of girls in bikinis dance around, if you want one, you say ‘hello’ bring them back to your hotel room, pay them and fuck their brains out. One thing I’ve hear about Bangkok girls, they don’t give a fuck, they will just go for it. BUT wear a condom, I don’t want to sound like your dad, but disease spread is high in Soi Cowboy.

Red Light District Paris

7: Rue St. Denis – France

Rue number one! A place I went and really enjoyed, Rue St.Denis is the Red light district of Paris. Be careful not to get shafted in sex clubs. If some dude offers you to come in for $10, have a beer and watch a sex show, don’t expect to leave without losing another $300. They get you in, and then charge you through the roof.

A bit like my local red light district, Soho. This place is more of an entertainment venue than for red hot sex. But you will find girls in windows, and a basic ‘Suck and Fuck’ will set you back around $80

6: Kabukicho – Japan

Welcome to Tokyo, home of cars that run for years, crazy computers and robotic dogs… oh and a really sexy looking Red Light district. Kabukicho is easy to find, just look out for the many flashing lights, it’s hard to miss it. It’s the home of places to eat, party and a stay in ‘Love Hotels’. What’s a ‘Love hotel’? It’s a place you can spend a few hours with a ‘love one’… fuck and then leave! What a cracking idea. They even include the toys sometimes.

Sex in a brothel can cost between $50 and $100, but this seems to be a fun place where you not only get fucked but also get to have a party. Japanese style.

5: Rue d’Aerchot – Belgium

Rue number two! This place is in Brussels, and there was me thinking that all they did in Brussels was talk shit about politics.

This street is known for being lined with Brothels from beginning to end, and is real central, right by the train station. Handy 🙂

The internet keeps throwing up the quote ‘Mini Amsterdam’ whenever I research this place, and by the looks of things, it really is. There are girls in windows to pick from, or you can spend more money and use a proper brothel. There isn’t much in the form of entertainment other than sex, Rue D’Aerchot is not a great all rounder but if you’ve got the cash this appears to be the place to go and try out your fantasises.

Watch out at night, the crime rate is high, but if you are in a group you should be fine!

4: Boy Town, Mexico

What a fucking great title for a red light district ‘Boys Town’, I would call my local district ‘Fucks Ville’ if I there was one in Cardiff! It’s in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and is a walled compound! I suppose it’s a bit like a prison but for sex, what a fucking great idea. I’m going to suggest we move the RedTube office to ‘Boy Town’.

Within the walls you will find food, drink and Brothels full of Mexican girls ready and willing. This is a real feel good happy place, everyone’s smiling and the girls look like they actually enjoy their job. Prostitution is allowed, but controlled by the government so you can go and feel safe. For the more ‘open minded’ you will find not just normal girls, but transvestites and a whole lot more. This really does seem like a fun place

3: Soho – London

Living in the UK I should know more about Soho than I actually do, but I have never actually been there for anything other than food and drink. It’s a great part of London for socializing and is full of media types. As for sex, it is illegal to sell sex in the UK, but that doesn’t stop every city having a few massage parlours, which are technically legal because you going in for a ‘massage’ but usually end up with a ‘Suck and Fuck’. The girls in London are pretty, the cream of the crop to be honest, you are not going to get that good looking working girls in other UK cities like Birmingham and Manchester.

For me, Soho isn’t really about actual sex, it’s more of the sexual experience. There are lap dance clubs on every corner, sex shops and some awesome theatres to look at girls, but no touching. It is very expensive though, don’t expect much change from $100 in this red light district , and that’s just for the lap dancing.

2: Reeperbahn – Germany

Reeperbahn may seem like a strange number 2 for some who haven’t heard of it, but it defiantly has become a very well know place for sex. This is basically the red light district of Hamburg, in German is it is known as ‘die sündige Meile’ or the sinful mile. There is something cool about being told that what you are doing in sinful!

It’s a real party place, start with a bar, then restaurant, maybe a club then get down to business. The girls in Reeperbahn are known for doing ‘anything’ for cash. There are a lot of girls roaming the streets, but it’s not recommended to go with these as there are plenty of brothels, which will welcome you in. The brothel girls legally have to be checked out for disease every 2 weeks, you can fuck in the knowledge your willy is safe!

1: Amsterdam – Holland

Red Light District AmsterdamObviously has to be number one red light district, just because the amount of people that know about it, the amount of people that have been there. This place leaves nothing to the imagination. The only advice I would give you is be careful, I hear nothing put praise about the brothels etc, and the sex shows sound great and affordable. But things like pick pocketing are huge in Amsterdam. I had a friend who got so stoned and got lost, he ended up having everything stolen from him.

Prostitution is legal, so you don’t have to live in fear of a raid as you are fucking some skinny piece of pussy in the red light district. To give you an idea on prices, one of those girls in the windows is going to cost you around $63 and that’s just a basic ‘Suck and Fuck’. There are brothels that will cost more upwards of $100 but obviously you get longer and more of a girlfriend experience.

Amsterdam is the place to be for sex, drugs and rock n roll. But as I said before, watch yourself and stay in groups.

So that is my 10 ten Red Light Districts in the world! Tell if you agree… have I missed somewhere out? Comment below!

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    Allan Lake

    23 Jul 2010 at 12:21 am

    Good question, when is the boss going to send us to Amsterdam?

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    21 Jul 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Amsterdam it is then! When do we go?

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