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This photo is me pondering one of the many questions I get sent via email from you guys each week (Ok, this photo is me trying to work out how I spent so much on my weekly grocery shop… but it still works!) . You really have put me in a position of responsibility here; I’m getting a lot of emails asking for my help, advice and my opinion. So ‘Agony Allan’ is born, if you have a question about porn, fucking, anal… Email me via our contact page.

Today’s email comes from a woman who really wants to try something different in the bedroom:

“My guy introduced me to anal. After a while and the use of jelly, I’m beginning to like it. I watch a lot of porn and try some stuff. I find that I like to watch a lot of double penetration, and fantasize about it a lot. But how do I tell him that I would like to try it, when he’s possessive and would never do it.

Should I tell him or should I try it on my own? I don’t want to lie, and I’m scared that if I try I might just like it and never want to stop. What should I do?”

Firstly, being a guy, I have never been double penetrated, but I hear that it really is great for the girl. When being slammed from all directions, the chances of cuming multiple times are high! You are already a fan of anal so I guess this seems like the next option.

I see it like this, you have three options:

1) Leave it! If he’s not comfortable with you being fucked by another guy the same time as he’s fucking you, then maybe you should just respect his wishes.

2) Why not use a dildo? Either stick it up your pussy whilst he fucks your ass or visa versa… This way, he’s happy as there is no one else involved, and you get fucked in both holes. But is a plastic stick in your pussy going to be enough?

3) You just go for it and get banged by two guys, I’m not recommending that you go off and find two strangers, have a word with your bloke, make the subject into a joke and see if he is up for it. You might be surprised, he is already in to anal, so its not like he isn’t open to new ideas. Stick some double penetration on from RedTube, and touch on the subject with him. I’d suggest that you find someone neither of you know, maybe spend some money! You don’t want any awkwardness after!

Whilst writing this, I’ve actually just thought of a fourth option… This guy isn’t into the same stuff as you, ditch him and find one or TWO people that are. I guess that now you have the idea in your head, you are going to try it anyway! So please let me know what happens!

Let me know what you think she should do by commenting below. And if you have a question for ‘Agony Allan’, email me on the contacts page!

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    Topper Harley

    07 Aug 2010 at 11:05 am

    I would recommend a strapon, this works just fine: She has all the action from two dicks and you’re still unrivalled. 😉

  2. avatar


    01 Aug 2010 at 9:08 pm

    She should come ovr to my house and I’ll get her drunk enough so she thinks more then one guy f**ked her! LOL

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