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Here I am again, looking like a complete douche bag as I read your emails about sex! We started this the other day after receiving an email from a woman that wanted to be double penetrated, but didn’t know how to bring the subject up with her fella. After reading my reply, she has told me that she is going to write him a letter explaining her need to be fucked in both holes, and we hope to find out the result soon! Let’s be honest, it will either make her scream with pleasure or scream in heartbreak if he takes it the wrong way and walks out!

Today’s email to Agony Allan is all about having a big cock:

“My girlfriend says that I’m too big. As flattering as it sounds, its started to become an issue. We’re both in our teens and are both on our second sexual partners.

We’ve tried just having sex anyway, but that means we can only have sex like once every weekend and the condoms keep breaking.

So what should I do? Help me Allan!

P.s. I think you have the best job ever. Seriously, you get paid for looking at porn all day, playing porn games and talking to porn stars.

That’s fucking awesome, and so is redtube. Much respect Al,
Please get back to me before the weekend! Haha”

Well firstly, thanks for the ‘Big up’ about my job, it is great and I am lucky… But it is hard work, do you realize how much effort it is to look at tits and pussy all day and write about it?? My right hand is in a cast as I broke my wrist, so my left hand is getting a lot of action nowadays!

Anyway, to your problem! Firstly, you say your girlfriend thinks you are too big, dude… don’t be depressed about that for one second! Do you realize what percentage of guys have complex’s over their dicks being too small? Its high! The chances are, it will get smaller over the years so enjoy its ‘largeness’. I do not doubt your length, but it could be that your girl has a really tight pussy? Which could be causing the breaking of the condoms?

This is what I suggest, firstly… to be boring, maybe suggest that she gets on some kind of birth control pill, just in case. Secondly, lube up your pole big time, and her slot as well… you cannot use enough lube, I’d paint the walls with it. It feels really fucking good too when both you and the Mrs are gliding in and out of each other. And on the condom front, You are using ones that don’t fit, buy some bigger ones. Don’t rush yourself when buying them, take a good look and buy LARGE.

I hope that helps, let me know if it gets better in the sack. There is NO cure for a big cock, except keep fucking, she’ll get used to the size after a while!

Another Agony Allan in the bag, if you have a question/ sexy problem, email me via our contacts page.

Allan Lake
Your RedTube blog host!

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  1. avatar


    07 Aug 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Ouch Allen, you gotta be more careful with your wrist – carpel tunnel from typing about sex is only half the battle 😀

    And your totally right about not being worried about having a big cock. That guy needs to use lube, buy the right size condoms, and pound the shit out of that right pussy so she can get used to it.

  2. avatar

    Topper Harley

    07 Aug 2010 at 10:50 am

    Allan, for so much empathy you should be nominated for the next Mother Teresa Award.

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