Naked News with Nikki Benz

Naked Nikki Benz on Naked News

This week is ‘Naked News Week’… and we are celebrating one of the greatest NEWS innovations in the last 10 years. Naked News started in the 90’s and moved from its Internet roots to pay per view screens all over ...
Sandra Shine Black in White

Sandra Shine… all alone!

Do you think that me and Sandra Shine are mates? She did do an interview with me, then she had some photos done for us, and then she called me up in the middle of the night and said “Allan, ...
Curvy girl on RedTube blog

How do you like your ladies?

Poll… “an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people”…. When you read it like that, it sounds so intelligent, defined and with purpose. But ask Allan Lake to do a poll and you are gonna ...
Naked News with Kevin Smith

Naked News Week!!

What’s you best TV memory of the naughty’s? One of mine has to be ‘Naked News’! It reminds me of being in my late teens and sneaking a look at naked chicks on either the Internet or TV here in ...