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RedTube goes Soho- A sexy girl shows us sexy sex toys!

RedTube goes Soho- A sexy girl shows us sexy sex toys!

So RedTube goes Soho all this week on the blog as I show you around my local red light district in London, UK! So we are at Simply Pleasure, last time we spoke to a guy about what it’s like working in a sex shop… Now sexy Viv shows us around some of the best toys they have on sale!

My favourite is the douche! But only because I like calling people ‘Douche Bags’! Anyway, enjoy our week in Soho and tell me what your favourite sex toy is!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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    Topper Harley

    27 Aug 2010 at 8:58 am

    Take-Home Tiger, lol! That’s the best! :D

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    27 Aug 2010 at 12:50 am

    one can always find something for themselves or their partner at a sex shop!!! makes a great present.

    The sex shop near me even has board games and novelty items for bachelor/bachelorette parties.

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