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Pornstar Abbey Brooks on the RedTube Blog!

Pornstar Abbey Brooks Gallery – What is she gonna do with that dick?

Here is Abbey Brooks, looking very sophisticated in that dress, even more so with a cock in her mouth! I’ve wanted to try something new with our pornstar galleries on the RedTube Blog and not just show women, but show women sucking and fucking too! If it’s hot in porn videos, then it’s fucking hot in galleries too! Do you agree?

Abbey Brooks was born on Valentines Day, so it was pretty much guaranteed that she would end up being a lover of something… even if it is cock! You know what they say, Roses are red, Violets are blue… Porno is great… Now let me fuck you! If you can think of a better rhyme (you probably can) let me know! 😉

Hope you enjoy this new gallery, tell me what you think and you can check out more of Abbey Brooks on

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

Pornstar Abbey Brooks on the RedTube Blog!

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