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Which camera angle is the best? Poll Results!

Pornstar Franchezca Valentina on RedTube BlogFanfare please!! BAA BA BA BAAA…. (In my brain that sounds like a fanfare… oh screw you)… 😉

It’s time for this weeks Poll results, which is always a very exciting moment at RedTube Towers. So exciting that I think most of the staff here get a boner over it… and considering they look at porn for a living, that really does tell you something!

So last weeks poll asked you: The best porn camera angle is… and here are the results!

Wide shot! I wanna see everything – The winner!… and also my favorite…. with a massive 45%

POV – Point of view – Something that is big in L.A. … I heard a porn agent negotiating a POV for his ‘talent’, it got 30%

Close up! Get me in there – Why didn’t this get more votes? I thought you guys liked to see the juices up close? 13% for this one.

Hidden Camera! You ain’t seen me – I used to love this voyeuristic footage when I was a teen, there is something real dirty about perving on someone! I’ll get my coat! It got 12%

So there we have it, the best camera angle in porn is the WIDE SHOT!… It’s a good job that RedTube is full of Pornstars being fucked in Wide Shot!

Before you even take your next breath… make sure you take part in this weeks poll… about NOT fucking pussy! Have a look in the top right hand corner on our page and it will all make sense!

Have a great time… ALL THE TIME!!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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One Comment

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    Topper Harley

    26 Sep 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Nothing comes above POV, except the real thing maybe!

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