Pornstar Bree Olson on RedTube Blog

Fake or Real Tits? The Poll Results!

I’ve just arrived in LA and I have never seen so many fake tits in all my life! Even the woman at passport control had plastic ones… When she asked me if I had anything to declare, I had to ...

Kinky Porn Bloopers in our kinkiest week ever!

All this week is ‘Kinky Porn Week’ on the RedTube blog as we continue to celebrate everything that is kinky with our buddies over at! So yesterday we posted you some lesbian outtakes, now it’s time for some kinky ...
Sex Advice
Agony Allan on the RedTube Blog

Sex advice by Agony Allan – Golden Shower?

Here is todays email to Agony Allan: I consider myself very open-minded, although I’ve never understood certain fetishes.  One of these is golden showers… I always thought it was kind of gross.  So now I’m in a mature great relationship ...