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Sex advice by Agony Allan – How do I make my man cum during a blowjob?

Sex advice by Agony Allan – How do I make my man cum during a blowjob?

Another day, another Agony Allan! This is today’s:

Hi Allan, it’s my first time writing. My bf and I have an amazing sex life. I love oral, both giving and receiving, it’s very hard to make my bf cum during a blowjob. Any suggestions?

Well what a wonderful chick you are for caring about doing it right! I can help you! The first thing you’ve got to remember during giving a blowjob… is keep those fucking teeth AWAY! There is nothing worse than a toothy blowjob! It hurts, it feels weird and it puts you off sex for at least 24 hours… or maybe that’s just me.

Now the important thing is out of the way… let’s get down to business… if you want your guy to cum you need to make sure that he is relaxed before… don’t just go in for the kill but go slow and take your time! For me, the best blowjobs are wet… slow… and when she takes her time… they are not fast thrusts… Everyone has their own techniques, and you have to find yours, but in general it’s important to notice what feels good for him and what doesn’t feel so good. My sex advice would be to try everything that comes into your head (excuse the pun)… lick it, suck it… move up and down. You will soon get a good idea of what is turning your bloke on… and when you feel that extra bit of blood pump into his dick… intensify what ever you are doing!

A little tip from me, I love it when my girl holds the base of my cock with one hand, tickles my balls with the other whilst sucking my length and going down really deep. In fact, Im starting to get a little boner right now thinking about it!

So, that should do the trick! It’s down to you whether or not you spit or swallow!… If you swallow, he is bound to be more relaxed, he doesn’t have to worry about telling you ‘WHEN’.

I hope my sex tips have come in handy, if you need any sex advice send me an email via our contact form.

Allan Lake
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    Topper Harley

    04 Nov 2010 at 10:10 am

    Use your tongue and make it wet!

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