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Pornstar Interview with MILF Annabelle Brady!

So you’ve had a boring life, you get to 50 and what do you do? Buy a sports car? Adopt an African child (Hello Madonna)….  Or you do what Annabelle Brady did and become a pornstar! Check out this pornstar interview.

[media id=86 width=556 height=343]

That’s right, this MILF starlette had never done porn before… but I guess she got bored and maybe went through a mid-life crisis or some kinda breakdown, which lead to the obvious career choice… Pornstar! Now Annabelle Brady is a MILF, but on the higher end… I would say almost GILF… But hey, you know what I find really cool and sexy about her, the fact she is putting herself out there… My mum is the same age as this MILF and the only thing she is banging nowadays is that little hammer in the kitchen which crushes the garlic!

So nice one MILF Annabella Brady, you go and spread those legs… we will be watching! You can see more MILF action on

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