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Pornstars Peach and Marketa on RedTube Blog

BOGOF! Peach and Marketa, Two Girls… One Pornstar Gallery

You know you see those offers down the supermarket ‘Buy one and get one free!’… a BOGOF! Well today we have the sexiest BOGOF ever! Two lesbians pornstar chicks for the price of one! So today we introduce Peach and Marketa.

Just so you can tell who is who… Peach is the busty blonde with the curvey body and Marketa is the busty brunette. I wouldn’t say no to either one of them, but both of them would be a real treat! Watching lesbian sex has its charms… especially the way these two use their tongues on each other!

What would you guess Peach and Marketa’s age to be? Early twenties? This could just be experimentation in their college years, although I love the idea of them getting into their 60’s and being in rocking chairs… still holding hands and licking each other out!

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Pornstars Peach and Marketa on RedTube Blog

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    08 Oct 2010 at 8:07 pm

    very very beautiful

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