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Sex advice by Agony Allan – How do I stop queefing during sex?

Today’s Agony Allan question is sat here ready for me to answer, so here we go…

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogHey Allan, I need your sex advice.

When I’m having sex with my man, most recently I’ve started making noises with my pussy, not on purpose though, like I’m passing gas! The first time we laughed, but now it happens quite a lot and I don’t think he likes it anymore! What the hell? How can I stop it?

Thanks Allan!

Okay, so you’re a big Fanny Farter as we like to call it here in the UK, or most commonly know as queefing! Yes, your right it’s fucking hilarious when it happens! It’s a great party trick if you can do it on command! I can also imagine, though, it can be quite off putting for your man, especially if he pulls out, about to cum all over your tits and hears a huge fart sound! How to prevent it… well scientifically queefing is when air escaps from your pussy. His thrusting during intercourse pushes air into you, which fills the space in the inner part of your pussy that has expanded from the size of his cock, so any shift in body position or a deep thrust can force that air out, resulting in the queef! So technically it’s the blokes fault! It is actually quite common, when my missus and I have been at it for ages, she sometimes lets one go… make sure you’re lubed up to max, make sure your fella gets you nice and juicy down their! The main way to prevent it is to change positions. The queefing can happen when your in a position where your pussy is high in the air. For example if you are in the doggy style position, so try and change positions and hopefully it will eliminate your problem, meaning making your sex life more excitable too!

I have also known some girls to pysically push down on their stomachs before sex to try and release air if they have major problems with queefing. But honestly queefing is one of those things girls think WAY too much of, although you fella might be getting tired of your farting sounds during sex, we dont really care anywhere near as much as you do, believe me.

So there we go, more sex tips for you! If you need sex tips or sex advice send me an email on our contact page.

Allan Lake
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    04 Nov 2010 at 2:10 pm

    …as long as it doesn’t smell!

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    Topper Harley

    04 Nov 2010 at 10:19 am

    Haha, there is nothing to worry about!

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