Allan with Daily Sport Girls

Erotica Day 2: This is why London is the greatest city in the world! Tits gallore!

What are you doing with your weekend? Me? Well I’m at Erotica 2010… London’s best adult show and day two has been even better than day one! Today (Sunday) is the final day… we are going to be spending a lot of time in the ‘Bondage’ area… so come and handcuff yourself to me! I’m hoping I come back alive… I’ll be the one surrounded by topless babes.

So, feel free to perv on the best of the British girls I’ve chosen for our day two highlights. The Daily Sport is a massive UK newspaper and they love us so much that they couldn’t leave me alone! I’m beginning to think we might of had actual sex:

Allan with Daily Sport Girls

And there is nothing like being caught ‘RedTube Handed’ between a pair of tits from

Allan With A Pair of tits

We don’t have great TV here in the UK, but my favourite channel is Television X… and here I am with sexy pornstar Syren Sexton! The name says it all, she loves having sex! Check them out on

Allan with A Television X Girl

I emailed pornstar Angel Long a few weeks back and she ignored me… So her punishment was to show me her pussy! I now forgive her! Angel Long… I love you!

Allan Lake with Angel Longs Pussy

Get down to… We are going to be there all day. So, pop down and show us your tits! 😉 For more behind the scenes sexy pictures check us out on twitter, live updates from start to finish!

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