Pornstar Melissa Lauren on RedTube Blog

Sexy Poll Results – How much time do you spend on foreplay?

Every week on the blog we set a poll! You can vote in the current one in the top right hand corner of the RedTube Blog! So last week the question we asked was, How much time do you spend on foreplay?

Pornstar Melissa Lauren on RedTube Blog

And these are the results:


20 mins and over- It’s the best part of sex! 55%

5 – 10 mins… Gotta oil the wheels! 16%

Under 5 mins… Just to keep them happy! 13%

10 – 20 mins! We enjoy it! 13%

Nothing! I go straight for the kill! 3%

Okay, so you lot love foreplay! I am shocked! Yeah, I guess the girls would say that but guys!?! I thought you would all be like me and just want a little, then down to the real pussy pounding action!

My wife is lucky to get 5 minutes from me, which makes me think that I should start trying harder!

Currently I do a lot of finger action, can you suggest anything else I can fill my foreplay time with?

Comment below and let me know what you think!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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    15 Oct 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Melissa es una hermosa estrella porno que me tiene en cantados con sus videos un beso y te cuidas bebe

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    Topper Harley

    04 Nov 2010 at 11:22 am

    Sometimes we can’t make it beyond that! 🙂

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