Pornstar by Suspect - Free Pornstar MP3 Download

Download this free MP3! RedTube’s own song! ‘Pornstar’ by Suspect

Now for something very special! You thought we were just about free porn? Well think again… because today we are about free porn music! Check out this song performed and written by wicked rapper ‘Suspect’! Why do we love this song so much? Because it’s called ‘Pornstar’ and it’s about Suspect’s favourite porn site… RedTube!

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Suspect is an artist from Brampton, Ontario… And I thought the only decent Canadian singers were Celine Dion and Brian Adams! Think again Lake! 🙂 Suspect is in the house, this young rapper has racked up half a million hits on YouTube, but I bet we can beat that with the release of this FREE mp3 on RedTube! Click below to download your own copy of this brilliant song ‘Pornstar’.

So what is’ Pornstar’ about? Well inspired by RedTube, Suspect sings about wanting to fuck a pornstar and what he would do to her. And to be honest, we think he’s going to become such a star that fucking porn chicks will come easy soon!

Good music? Let us know what you think to RedTubes own song by Suspect… And once you’ve downloaded it, make sure you check him out on Twitter and also on YouTube!

If you’re in the music biz yourself, don’t hold back and just send us your masterpieces about porn and RedTube!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host

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    Topper Harley

    15 Dec 2010 at 2:28 pm

    This track is really awesome!

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