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Sex advice by Agony Allan – I want to stop using condoms! Help Me!

Ah, I have the privilege of answering another question from someone wanting my sex advice! It makes me feel good about myself! 😉 So here is today’s Agony Allan email:

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogHi Allan,

I’ve been with this gorgeous girl for a year now and we are pretty serious, but she still insists on me using a condom for sex… I know it feels better without one, what can I do to convince her there are other ways to protect herself?


Thanks for the email, I know exactly how you feel… Sex does feel better without a condom and it just feels amazing when you actually cum inside your chick. BUT we have condoms for a reason, and it’s not just to stop getting pregnant! Firstly, you can never push a girl on anything like this, if she in dead set on continuing to use condoms, then so be it! Or find another girl! But I think you can defiantly talk to her about how you feel!

Let’s do the pregnancy thing first, there are other options… my wife uses the contraception pill and it works wonders for her… take one a day, and no babies come! There are also implants that girls can have and the coil. There are loads of alternatives to condoms, we just went to the doctor and he gave us our options and even paid for them!

Condoms don’t just stop pregnancy though, they help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, so I get that your girl wants to feel safe… Before I stopped using condoms, I got my dick checked out and had a blood test to check for any STD’s.

So this is how you play it, you speak to your girl… you say that you want to feel more intimate with her and that you would like to try sex without a condom… you ask if it’s an option and you tell her that you will BOTH be checked out for STD’s before and you will find a good alternative… and if she doesn’t feel it’s working, then it’s back to the good old rubbers!

I hope that helps! If you want some sex tips or sex advice from Agony Allan, email me via the contact form!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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    Topper Harley

    14 Nov 2010 at 11:44 am

    He should be happy that’s not good old times where they used sheep guts for condoms! 🙂

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