Sexy Poll Results: Which sport would you most like to see girls play naked?

So having sex is one thing, but after a while I get a little more voyeuristic and watching girls run around naked really turns me on! Watching girls do normal things naked… TURNS ME ON!

So in last weeks Poll I asked you, which sport would you most like to see girls play naked? These are all sports which I have found girls play naked online!

Ice Hockey – Show me those hard nipples! 44%

Soccer – I wanna see their tackle 29%

Basketball – Bounce that ass baby! 24%

American Football – No shoulder pads! 3%

So Ice Hockey wins… and I know why! Cold air… hard nipples, simple as that! Soccer came a close second and that really is the naked chick sport that does it for me. Girls rolling around in the grass and mud… naked! I’d swap that Soccer ball for one of my balls any time! Check out my two sexy football babes, Naked sports rock!

This weeks polls is all about what you would do on a first date… so make sure you vote in it!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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