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Pornstar Tyla Wynn on RedTube Blog

She’s the Girl next door – Pornstar Tyla Wynn in a RedTube Gallery

This is gorgeous pornstar Tyla Wynn…. Doesn’t she look like the girl next door? You know, the girl next door you want to fuck really badly? 🙂

This real beauty has perfect natural tits and an ass I just want to eat for dinner. I’m a little disappointed at the state of her carpet though, Tyla Wynn have you never heard of a vacum cleaner? I guess I would just have to fuck her brains out on the actual bed instead of the floor… never mind…

So Pornstar Tyla Wynn is originally from Texas… hence the farm girl look… but then moved to california where she became the sexy pornstar she is today! I’ve just read on her twitter “I will never get married”… GIRL you don’t need to be married, why just give that beautiful pussy to one guy when you should be sharing it with us all! That’s Lake Logic!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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