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Sex Advice by Agony Allan: How do I turn a friendship into something else?

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogToday’s emailer picked the perfect time to ask for this sex advice. Last week I helped a lady with making her first time right, now I help a guy!

Dear Allan Lake,

I am an 18 year old Virgin from LA. There is a girl that I like very much, and I wonder if there could be something more between us. However, I am scared of making any move as I have never had sex before and am pretty sure she has not either. As it will be the first time for her, I really want to make sure she will never forget it. I want her to love every moment of it. I really care about this girl and have even had thoughts of marrying her one day. Any advice?

Thanks for your email, As I said before… the first time is something really special which neither of you will ever forget. You are the lucky one though because you are a dude… its not going to hurt you or be uncomfortable so you really have to make it all about this girl you have in mind.

Never be afraid to make a move, 9 times out of 10 you will get somewhere… Your instincts usually tell your brain whether or not the girl is interested… so for the sake of this blog lets just say that she is! If not, then its always worth a try so you can practice your flirting skills. Firstly you need to tell here that you like her… Don’t even think about sex at that point, just tell her how you feel and Christmas is the ideal time to do it… Buy her something nice for Christmas Day!

After some dating, and some christmas loving… let’s say that you both decided to pop each others cherrys… Don’t panic! She is going to be just as nervous as you if she is a virgin, so just take your time. I think sex for a virgin girl is bigger than sex for a virgin guy because the first time is always going to hurt a bit for her… the only thing you have to do is make it loving… go slow and try not to cum within 10 seconds. Everyone has to lose their virginity at some point and the fact you are really into this chick means she sounds like the right person, but don’t build it into something massive in your head… Be confident, but know that everyone goes through losing their virginity and after a few fucks you will both be loving it!

If you want some sex advice or sex times over the festive season, email me via my contact form!

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