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on the set with Eva Ramone

Sexy Video: Nasty Hardcore Latinas, on the set with pornstar Eva Ramone

So now we go behind the scenes of the movie ‘Nasty Hardcore Latinas’ with sexy┬áPornstar Eva Ramone!

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This is real behind the scenes porn stuff, how many pornstars do you hear saying ‘I’m going to kill my agent’ on camera? Exactly! By the way, as far as we know, Pornstar Eva Ramone’s agent is still alive! It’s interesting hearing her ask about the pornstar she is going to fuck… I’ve been on set and behind the scenes of pornos and they really don’t always know each other before hand, but the talent is to fuck like you have known each other for years I guess!

This 26 year old pornstar questions that this video ‘won’t be seen by anyone, right?’… yeah right, millions of people are not about to watch it on the RedTube Blog! Pornstar Eva Ramone has real tits which is always a real delight.

Another thing in this behind the scenes look at porn is the camera shoot after, I’ve also seen one of these take place… and it takes a lot of time and patience on the porstars behalf… poor guy has just fucked… now he has to keep a boner for half an hour whilst some pictures are taken!

Hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at ‘Nasty Hard Latinas’ with the gorgeous Eva Ramone!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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