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Sexy Advice by Agony Allan – What should sex be like for the first time?

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogAgony Allan never fails to deliver good sex advice and sex tips! How do I know that? I fucking am Agony Allan! If you have a question about sex that you need help with, email me via my contact form. Today’s email is:

Hi Allan! So im wondering what would you say your first time should be like? And what would you do to make it so the guy never forgets? Thanks!

Thank you very much to the anonymous chick for emailing that question, the first time is usually something that girls and guys worry about. Doing anything for the first time puts butterflies in my belly, but a virgin losing their virginity is something big and important in life. Before you do it, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and with the right person!

Moral speech out of the way, what should the first time be like? Well, the first time is something you are going to remember forever. It’s a totally different experience for men than women, guys usually just cum really quickly because… well they are fucking for the first time! Girls are feeling something new, something they might not be 100% comfortable with for the first time, but trust me ladies, after a few times and the discomfort goes… you will love it!

What can you do to make it so the guy never forgets it? Nothing… A guy is never going to forget sex for the first time. Even if this isn’t his first time, he will remember every cherry he pops, so just concentrate on yourself… make sure you feel good and let him look after you! Don’t worry so much about making it great for him, it’s a man’s natural instinct to look after his woman, so let him! If you need any more advice on this, you know where I am!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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