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Sex Advice By Agony Allan – Help me start dating!

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogWhat times is it? Well about 8 am in the UK… but the correct answer is Agony Allan time! Today’s sex tips are about dating and this is the email I received:

Dear Allan,

I’m 30 and I haven’t had a boyfriend for 5 years. I’ve had the odd fuck, but nothing serious. I’m not sure how to get back into the dating game and would really appreciate your advice!

Thanks for the email. This is really geeky but I am a big fan of dating online… Is doesn’t have to be a paid dating site, social networking sites like Facebook are pretty awesome for finding people to love, fuck and buy you drinks! I think you need to not think of dating as a ‘big thing’, just think of it as an extension to flirting!

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket either, spread your love a little! That doesn’t mean you have to fuck around behind peoples backs, but meet lots of people and give yourself plenty of options. Don’t fall into the trap of falling for the first person you find just because you have been off the dating circuit for a while!

I hope that helps! If you want any sex tips of sex advice, email me via our contact page!

Allan Lake
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