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Sex Advice by Agony Allan: Should I get rid of the hair on my body?

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogSex Advice time… Today’s email comes from Shona:

Hi Allan. I am Shona, 21 and I come from a conservative Indian family. But I’m really fascinated by sex and the erotic dimension of it. I enjoy visiting Redtube, it is an awesome site. I haven’t yet experienced sex with someone. Largely because I want it to be passionate so I prefer to wait for the right one and also when I’m ready.

There’s however one thing that bothers me which I want to talk about. I’m hairy, I mean really hairy (over my legs, belly, arms, etc). This issue used to nag me all through my teens. But now I don’t really care much as it has decreased a bit. Still I often wonder if I’ll get someone who’ll make passionate love to me without bothering about my hairiness. Or if it’s a problem, if I will have to remove it all.

I guess I would like to be accepted as I am or something like that. And I guess it’s high time I start dating as I used to avoid these issues in my teens. I would like to get some tips from you on how to start dating and be confident about having sex and all, even if I’m hairy.

Thanks Shona for your honest email! It’s a myth that guys are the only sex to have a hairy body. I’ve been with girls that have had a lot of hair in other places than their head or pussy and it has not really been a problem. Having more hair on your body can be because of where you come from in the world and your genes. From reading your great email I would say that you seem happy with yourself, so don’t even consider changing!

You are right about dating, you need to get yourself out there and meet some guys because you will find someone who is attracted to you for who you are and how you look as a total package. Whether you go for someone Indian or anyone else, I bet you find someone who loves your body as it is and really wants to get passionate with you because of it.

My sex advice to you is don’t remove all your hair… do what you feel is right… and get out there and look for someone who fits into your life. When it comes to dating, make sure you are yourself… Online is a great place to to meet people, it’s one of the most common ways nowadays but just make sure you are safe when you meet someone for the first time in the flesh.

With the invention of sites like facebook, the chances are that you already have friends that you could make something more than just friendship out of!  I’m sure if you put yourself out there you will start getting attention (That’s if they don’t find you first). When you find someone, wait until the special moment and it feels right to ‘do the do’. Being confident is not something that comes easy, but you really just have to play the game and wait… when the right person comes along… you will open up sexually!

If you need any sex tips or sex advice from Agony Allan, email via our contact form.

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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    Topper Harley

    21 Feb 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Oh wow, great vidz here.

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