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Sexy Advice by Agony Allan – I need to stop wanking so much! Help me!

Brunette sucking on curved DickAgony Allan is back once again with more sex tips and advice for our millions of faithful blog readers! If you have a question about anything sex related, email me via our Contact Page!

Todays email reads:

Allan Dude, I need to stop wanking so much! I have been masturbating for the past 1.5 years almost everyday, I need to give it up! Help me!

Thanks for your email… this is a nice and simple one! No, you fucking don’t have to give it up… Otherwise RedTube’s business model goes down the drain and we are all out looking for new jobs 🙂 In all seriousness, there is no such thing as masturbating too much. Once a day is fine, it keeps everything downstairs well oiled and makes sure that it’s all working!

The only time I would advice on doing it less is when you actually have someone to fuck! Wanking too much whilst you are in a relationship can sometimes cause what I like to call ‘I can’t be bothered to cum again’ syndrome… In other words, if you expect to have a shag on your lunch break, don’t have a wank in the morning, you don’t want to tire yourself out!

Wank as much as you like! Wanking is good!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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