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Sexy Poll Results: Girls from which place bang the best…?

So last week on our infamous poll we asked you the following question:

Girls from (fill in the gap) bang the best…? And these are your results!

Pornstar Dasha on RedTube BlogEurope – 33%
USA – 28%
South America – 13%
Britain – 8%
Asia – 8%
Africa – 5%
Australia – 5%

Now considering that RedTubes biggest audience is in the USA, closely followed by South America…. I think this is a great thing for Europe… Not so much for the UK. I wish I had lumped us in with Europe now! I guess I expected much more love for the british pussy!

But being in Holland right now, and cycling my bike around the streets of Amsterdam… I see why you have this interest in European girls… I have never tried, but apparently they will let you do ‘anything’ and are very open minded!

Sorry Australia, you’ve got a lot of work to do on the sexy front! Take part in this weeks poll all about an ideal christmas porno present!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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