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Sexy Poll Results: What do you call a ladie’s ‘Private Parts’?

It’s time for last weeks poll results… we asked you:

Pornstar Kelly Wells on RedTube BlogWhat do you call a ladies ‘Private Parts’?


Pussy 76%
Vagina 11%
Love Slot 5%
Cunt 5%
Snatch 3%

This has been my favourite sexy poll so far and of course the winner is pussy! All hail pussy! It’s my favourite, my second favourite has got to be a snatch, maybe it’s a British thing!

Please own up in the comments below if you’re in the 11% that call their ladie’s bits ‘Vagina’… That’s about as sexy as kissing the queen! I’ve been trying to think of sexy and dirty ways to use it… so far this is the best “let me stick my big cock in your juicy Vagina” YUCK! It’s not sexy, stop it! 😉

Take part in this weeks christmas special poll and you will get the results next week!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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