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Sexy Poll Results: Goodbye XXX-Mas… Our Christmas Poll Results!

Sad times now on the blog, this is my final Christmas Post! It’s okay, from tomorrow we will get all ‘New Year’ on your ass!

So last week in the blog poll I asked you to complete this sentence: All I want for Christmas is..?

Pornstar Bree Olson on RedTube BlogA naked chick… In my bed 55%

A job at RedTube! 31%

A couple more inches on my dick… 10%

A free pass to cheat on my partner 4%

I’m glad to hear than only a minority of you wanted the ‘cheating present’…

‘A job at RedTube’ was a high fly-er in this weeks poll. I can understand that. Trust me, it’s the best gig in the world. I’ve just got back from a printers in Florida who gave us a nice discount just because we write about tits and pussy for a living.

55% of you wanted a naked chick in your bed on Christmas day… pretty hard to wrap but I hope you mangaged to get it! Everyone at RedTube wishes you a happy holidays and from tomorrow we will be celebrating New Year so Goodbye XXX-mas, Hello 2011.

Allan Lake
RedTube Blog Host!

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