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Sexy Poll Results – The best time to have sex is?

Pornstar Roxetta on RedTube BlogSexy poll results time on the blog!

Last week I asked you:

When’s the best time to have sex?:

Any time 61%
Night Time 22%
Morning 13%
Lunch Time 4%

I’ve always been a morning guys. It just makes more sense for me to have sex when I have morning glory, but it appears that most of you really don’t care, which I guess is the right attitude.

I assume the 4% of you that like to fuck at lunch time are probably fucking the office secretary, good for you! The real question is, does it feel any better in the morning, lunch or night? To me, morning sex just has more energy to it!

Vote in this weeks poll, what is your sexual fantasy?

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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