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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – I want to last more than 3 minutes in bed!

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogLet’s do another Agony Allan then, what is better than a bit of sex advice to end the week? A blow-job, but I don’t have one of them right now!

Today’s email is as follows:

Hey Allan!

Hope you had a kickass new year! So yeah onto my problem… I used to be able to hold out during sex for more than 10 min when I had my ex gf. But as you can see, we broke up.

When I went through my mourning period I found this website and I kinda got hooked. Not too bad though, I don’t think I have wanked more than 2 times in a day. But anyhow, when I got back on that horse and went to fuck another chick, I shot my load in less than 3 minutes!! I’m fucking scared that I might not have my edge back. Is my habit of wanking screwed up my duration? Is it just nerves? How can I get back my old self back?

Please make this anonymous. Cheers!

Thanks for the email, anyone who emails me for sex tips or sex advice can be anonymous, just tell me! Okay, so premature ejection is your issue to give it a big funky title. As aways, if you are really concerned about something, go and see a doctor.

Here is what I think… Wanking isn’t going to make you cum faster in bed! If anything, empyting your ballsack will make you last longer. But make sure your wanks have some length to them, train your body to last! I think the issue is purely excitment and nerves. When you are with someone new, you are seeing them naked for the first time… it’s exciting… it’s nerve wrecking and a really common thing! My advice, after cumming in 3 mins… fuck her again. After a while the nerves will go and you will be back to 10 minutes sessions! Trust me!

If you want sex tips or sex advice, Email me via my contact form!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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