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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – I get self conscious in front of my boyfriend.

Agony Allan on the RedTube Blog Today’s email asking Agony Allan for sex advice is about masturbation.

Hi Allan,

I have a problem regarding masturbation. My boyfriend wanted to see me masturbating and squirting. I can do both, but when he’s watching I get self conscious, even when he says that he will turn around and to call him if i’m cuming.

Can you give me some advice what to do? How can I relax when masturbating and squirting in front of my boyfriend?

Thanks for the message, I totally understand that you feel self conscious when playing with yourself in-front of your boyfriend. We usally masturbate alone so when someone else is watching, things like squirting are not easy! I have a suggestion for you… Why don’t you start of with small steps… Film yourself squirting and send it to him whilst you are not around each other!

Ask him to do the same! Both of you share videos, only with each other… and then once you realised that he’s already seen you cum… you will feel less self conscious and more like doing it for real in-front of him! I hope my sex advice and sex tips work out for you!

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