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Sexy Poll Results: Your Porno New Year’s Resolutions!

Sexy Poll Results time on the blog! Last week I asked you all about your New Year’s resolutions… And here are your results:

My ‘Porno’ New year’s resolution is…:

Pornstar Sativa Rose on RedTube BlogHave more sex with my chick 48%
Find a new chick 24%
Wank More 18%
Wank Less 10%

So most of you just want to have more sex, that’s my New Year’s resolution… Well it was actually to have sex everyday. Only problem I have right now is my wife is not anywhere near me for the next week and I know she would be really upset if I broke my resolution 🙂

24% of you guys are into finding a new chick all together… 18% are going to be on RedTube more and 10% are going to be here less by the looks of the voting. Guys, don’t wank less… it’s healthy to keep the pipes moving down there!

Vote in this weeks poll right now, I am asking which body part would you like to try out for a day!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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