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Pornstar Taryn Thomas on RedTube Blog

Gorgeous Pornstar Taryn Thomas gets the gallery treatment!

Today we have a little gem for you. A sexy pornstar gallery from Taryn Thomas:

Pornstar Taryn Thomas on RedTube Blog

This 27 year old New Jersey born pornstar has been fucking for a living since she turned 18, so with nine years in the industry you would hope that Taryn Thomas has picked up a few tricks. This is a girl that has been through it all, Taryn even had to take a break from porn for a year after getting an anal tear! OUCH!

Not just a pretty face and pussy, Pornstar Taryn Thomas has a pharmacy license and even attended real estate school… I’m thinking of ways that she could put those two things and porn into a clever collaboration… Here it goes… She sells pharmacies across the states that sell STD tests for pornstars? OKAY, I’m working on it! Enjoy this gorgeous pornstar gallery!

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    31 Jan 2011 at 9:14 pm

    i like her a lot and really want to have some fun with her

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