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Funny Matrix Parody – The MatriXXX Game! This is silly, in a great way!

I was so bored at the weekend, so I sat down and watched the whole Matrix Trilogy! Yeah, it’s pretty awesome, but what would the Matrix look like as a porno? I’ve done even better than that, I have found a adult sex game based around the film! MatriXXX.

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Okay, it’s not strictly just Matrix based… I got my Keanu Reeves films mixed up a little, so┬áhave stuck a bit of ‘Bill and Ted’ in there too just to spice things up! This is truly most excellent!

In this role-play game, you get to cruise around the Matrixxx whilst fucking the odd girl on the way. This may end the same way as the Matrix did, Neo went blind… Bill might go blind in this film from cuming so much!

Enjoy this porn parody.

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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