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A Valentines present for you: Meet Pleasure Bunny part one!

Happy Valentines day to all the lovers in the house! Agony Allan has some Valentines advice for people on a first date later, but first a video to get you in the mood for love… or sex at least!

This video is so good that we had to split it into two parts! Expect part two at some point this week! Meet Pleasure Bunny, she has the best name in porn!

[media id=153 width=556 height=454]

This cheerful ebony pornstar is just gagging for some cock action, as you can tell in this behind the scenes look into her world.

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I like the camera mans style, he wants to fuck Pornstar Pleasure Bunny really bad… She just gets fucked by a 13 inche black guy, but still he tried to get himself in there. Will she fuck the white camera man? Comment below and tell me… and we will find out the answer in part two of our meeting with Pornstar Pleasure Bunny!

By the way, this black dude has a massive cock… it’s insanely big! That’s some serious weight!

Allan Lake
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    14 Feb 2011 at 10:00 am

    nice tits and awesome blowjob. I’m from Oklahoma, female 27. who wants to do a live video chat with me?.

    see you guys 🙂

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