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Meet Pleasure Bunny part two! Does the cameraman get laid?

So on Monday we brought you part one of our behind the scenes footage with Ebony Pornstar Pleasure Bunny, if you haven’t already seen it, check out part one of the video here. Now here is part two!

[media id=154 width=556 height=454]

So… in the last video we saw the cameraman trying his best to fuck Pornstar Pleasure Bunny. He was meant to be doing a behind the scenes interview, but he was soooo into her! In part two we find out whether or not he managed to actually be ‘in her’.

I won’t ruin it for you… But I think I might give up interviewing pornstars and just become the cameraman… I would get a lot more action!

Strange questions pop into my head during scenarios like this… Does she get paid extra if she fucks the cameraman… and WHO will film the cameraman fucking her? Cameraman two? And does he get to fuck her after! Is this a neverending story… let’s find out!

Btw, see the related scene Huge black doing his work on

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