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Sexy Poll Results – My sexual fantasy is?

Pornstar Sandra Shine on RedTube BlogWe all have sexual fantasies… This week in the RedTube Blog Poll we asked you to vote on what yours was… and here are the results:

My sexual fantasy is?

A threesome 49%

To have sex in public 24%

To fuck a stranger 22%

To screw your partners friend 5%

We didn’t have room to put every possible one down so I went for the most common ones instead. A massive 49% of you want a threesome! That is huge, maybe you guys should swap numbers and hook up, it seems like the easiest way to sort this out. The other big votes went to having sex in public and fucking a stranger. I’ve done one of them… ah, why am I trying to kid you guys… wanking in my car is NOT having sex in public!

Technically the picture shows four and not three… but we booked four girls thinking one wouldn’t show up 🙂

Vote in the NEW poll right now, it’s all about much sex you have!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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