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Pornstar Allison Wyte on RedTube Blog

Redhead Pornstar Allison Wyte in a Sexy RedTube Gallery!

There is nothing like a real redhead to start the day, so let’s introduce Pornstar Allison Wyte to the blog:

Pornstar Allison Wyte on RedTube Blog

Yes, she is a real redhead, she even has ginger pubes! On close inspection, Pornstar Allison Wyte has a pussy piercing… I’ve heard that it makes the guys dick feel nice when he fucks a girl with piercings… Does anyone have any insight they can share with us on this? Comment below!

I’m reading that she has a thing for older men, if only my grandad wasn’t dead… You could have been in there¬†Grampa Lake! I’m off now to hunt down more redhead porn for you guys, Redhead is definitely¬†the theme of 2011!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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