Sexy Poll Results – Whats the biggest age gap you would have?

Time for our latest RedTube Blog Poll Results! The question and results are below:

Whats the biggest age gap you would have?

5 Years Younger Than Me 27%
10 Years Younger Than Me 18%
Same age as me only 15%
20 Years older Than Me 15%
10 Years older Than Me 12%
5 Years older Than Me 9%
20 years younger Than Me 4%

This is the first time in ages that we have had a really varied result in the poll. So we asked about age gaps in sex and relationships. 27% of you wouldn’t fuck someone more that 5 years younger than you… Which is my general rule, although that might change as I get older. MILF’s are brilliant in bed, much better than teens!

A lot of you would go for an older fuck buddy, which does make sense… Once again… in my experience… older chicks fuck better! I would be really interested in hearing your stories on older or younger people you have had sex with so please post a comment below on this blog!

Take part in this weeks Poll right now, Have you ever made a home porno?

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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