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Valentines Sex Advice by Cupid Agony Allan – How to get laid on a first date!

Agony Allan on the RedTube BlogIt’s valentines day, so instead of responding to an email I have decided to just give my advice on something important… whether you want it or not!

How to get laid on a first date… By Agony Allan:

Firstly, Pick your date wisely… If you are looking for love from this person then it’s probably not best to try and fuck them on day one. BUT if you are going with the intention of sex then pick someone who is outgoing, flirty and doesn’t hold back.

Flattery will get you everywhere… it always does. So right from the moment you meet eyes, you must put on the charm… even take it to the next level, for example “you are looking so hot tonight, it’s going to be a struggle for me to keep my hands off you”.

SKIP THE DINNER… dinner is boring… it’s not fun and is just useless foreplay… 80% of men hope to pull their date on the first night so a pretty big percentage of woman must feel the same… Skip straight to the fun. Show this girl a good time, show her that you know how to have a good time, perhaps pick an activity that involves being close… I took a first date to a climbing centre before, I had been climbing previously so she needed a lot of help… and a lot of hands on attention. You will sense from the reaction you get if she is interested…

Is she interested? If not… call it a night! Don’t be mean, but just wrap the night up in a pleasant fashion! If you feel something, then it’s time for some drinks… and perhaps some bar action will loosen both of your inhibitions. Remember, all this time… you are telling her how nice she looks, move it onto how sexy she looks.

BANG TIME – The end of the night is here, if it’s appropriate, I think it’s time for a kiss! Chances are she will want to kiss you, she hasn’t walked out on you yet!! Then comes your line “Tonight is too much fun, I love spending time with you and I don’t want it to end’… Then the rest is down to you… She might invite you back, you might invite her back… Either way… make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy… but not too tidy. She probably already knows it, but you can’t let her know your intention was always to get her home… because that’s just wrong! 😉

Try it!

We will do more sex tips and sex advice later in the week, so if you have a problem you want help with, email me via my contact form!

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