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Newbie pornstar Aliana shows us what she’s got in this interview!

“Hello gorgeous how are you? You are gorgeous… really gorgeous!” How are you? This dude could work on his English a little, but still he manages to find the new cuties like fresh new pornstar Aliana from

[media id=169 width=556 height=343]

Pornstar Aliana clearly doesn’t understand a word of English either in this pornstar interview, but hey… who needs talking when you have a young hottie like this sat on your sofa?

Pornstar Aliana is a newbie, she’s hasn’t done this before. Someone needs to teach her that she should not wear tops that are misguiding. She looks like she has small tits with it on, but once those puppies are released… we realise the true extend of those love bumps!

I like the interviewers¬†technique¬†of getting her in the bath and soaped up to see if she is good enough for the job, I think I may use this approach next time I look for a housemaid…

There is nothing more to say other than… She is young, she is cute and she has a gorgeous body that I would RUIN! Love this behind the scenes stuff!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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