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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – Is it safe to stop using condoms if my girl has the implant?

RedTubes Allan LakeTime for another Agony Allan, if you need sex tips or sex advice just email me via my contact form. This is today’s email:

Hi Allan! Been reading some of your posts and they’re all really useful but I have a burning question for you. My girlfriend got the implant a few months ago and we’ve been using condoms ever since. Is it worth the risk to not wear condoms or do they make enough of a difference to it up? Thanks, Kurt

Hey Kurt, thanks for the email. If a doctor has given your girl the implant then technically it should work. My wife takes the contraceptive pill, we were advised to still use condoms for the first month and then we could go bareback. I would say she should ask the doctor if it’s safe to stop rubbering up, then go for it.

Contraception is like anything in life, it can go wrong… whether it be implants, pills or condoms, but there is a lot less risk than not using anything. If I was you I would speak to the doctor and if they say it’s fine, get down and dirty without a hard hat.

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