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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – RedTube makes me squirt, but my boyfriend doesn’t!

RedTubes Allan LakeI am a legend when it comes to giving sex tips and sex advice… No, really I am… The amount of people I have helped, I should be given some kind of award 🙂 If you need my help with some sex tips of perhaps some sex advice, just email me via my contact form.

This is today’s message:

Hello Allan!

First of all, I have to tell you that I LOVE this Blog and love RedTube. I am a super fan of this website.

My boyfriend gets me very turned on in bed, he gives me massive orgasms as he fucks me… But he doesn’t make me squirt. BUT, when I watch RedTube alone in the house and finger my pussy, I can squirt everywhere.

Why is this and how do I make it so he gets me squirting juices…?

Thanks for the email and I am glad you love RedTube! We try so hard to make it a special place for everyone, clearly it’s working!

So squirting and female ejaculation comes up on the blog all the time so its a good job I love it! I have never made my wife squirt from fucking her, only using my fingers or a sex toy and I haven’t really heard of many chicks that do squirt from sex, it’s usually fingers or a toy.

Why is that? To be honest, I don’t know but I am sure it has something to do with the fact your hands are harder and faster than your dick… you have more control also… Don’t worry about squirting with him inside you. A guy likes to watch it or lick it anyway… Or maybe that is just me!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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