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Nurse Pornstar on RedTube Blog

This sexy pornstar gallery will make you want illness!.. You will be begging for it!

All I can say about this sexy pornstar gallery is… It will make you want to fall down the stairs and break a leg, eat hospital food and put up with old people dying next to you:

Nurse Pornstar on RedTube Blog

Known as Harmony Rose, this chick is to die for… or at least be ill enough to require a bed bath. Could you imagine getting a nurse like this in hospital? Harmony would give me a fucking heart attack!
According to my spies Harmony Rose worked at Hooters with her best friend and roommate Tory Lane, before entering the adult film industry,. Lane recruited Rose into stripping to beef up their waitressing income, while Rose recruited Lane into porn. So all Tory Lane lovers say ‘Thank you!’ to Harmony…

But back to business… have you ever played doctors and nurses? I heard it should be pretty fun, unless you end up playing the nurse like I did before. But that is what happens when you loose a bet!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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