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RedTube Mouse passes critical design review!

RedTube Mouse passes critical design review!

Have a look at this piece of art! This naughty creation of designer Andy Kurovets beats everything previously seen and is actually a fully functional computer mouse.

Pressing ‘The Spot’ automatically leads the user to a preselected favourite destination or runs a specific application. Maybe the ladies are now wondering; If the scroll wheel resembles the thing they think (yes, it’s the clit), how the hell are men supposed to find this thing! But after months of thorough testing we can confirm: It’s really not that hard!
Please note that at the moment this is still a conceptual product and there aren’t any shipping… yet! We would also like to point out that while ‘The Spot’ is in the general vicinity of where it anatomically should be, it seems to be not completely functional with the typical gesture required for the real thing stimulation.
Nevertheless… whatever else other mice might offer, only the G-Point s delivers both a superior experience and a penetrating lesson on female anatomy.

As soon as we fire up mass production you can be a porn geek in style using the G-Point, in red and black of course! But remember… it won’t work right unless you buy it perfume and remember it’s birthday. ;)

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