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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – He hates my fetish

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My fetish in bed is biting my husbands nipples but he recently came clean and told me that he hates it. I feel bad because I’ve done it for such a long time and he pushed me away the other day.. Just confused, what should I do now?

Hey, thanks for the email! Don’t feel bad, if he didn’t tell you and just went along with it, you can’t be expected to know. So he doesn’t like his nipple being bit, I understand that… I don’t like being bit, but my wife just does it anyway… mainly because I don’t like it, but it’s fine because that usually leads into me spanking her ass for being naughty.

Seriously though, try something else! There are plenty of fetishes out there, get him to bite your nipples… maybe causing pain in some other ways… When I say pain, I mean it in the nicest way! Have you thought about trying some sort of foot fetish?

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