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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – I don’t want sex! Help me!

RedTubes Allan LakeHere is another question for Agony Allan. If you need sex tips, sex advice or any help, send me an email via my contact form:

Dear Allan,

I am a 23 year old male and I’ve totally lost interest in sex! I know this sounds strange and although I still jerk off to RedTube… I just can’t be bothered having sex with my girlfriend. She is hot and is clearly thinking that I am cheating on her or something, but I am not… I just have no sex drive. Help!

Thanks for the email, it sounds to me like you have problems with your libido, but there are ways that you can get your mojo back! Firstly you should not look at sex like a task that has to be done, it’s a beautiful thing that you should do when you feel like it, so let’s get you feeling like it again!

Things like stress, not eating well and general health are all things that will keep your sex drive down so make sure you are relaxed and healthy… Healthy body, healthy sex life.

My advice to you then is… CHANGE SOMETHING… Go into the bedroom looking to try something different… do something that is really different for you both. Perhaps you concentrate on getting your girl off and forget about your own needs, that turns me on when my sex drive is low. You might speak to her before and get her to try something different.

We all get a bit lazy sometimes, even in bed… and things become boring and stale… But small changes in the way you do things can bring you back into the game! Let me know how it goes.

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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